Chris Coyle, MLIS, railroad historian and past secretary,Amherst Railway Society, and member, Palmer Public Library Railroad Advisory Board, says, Join locomotive engineer Susie Gaglia for a poignant, real-life story of the human side of railroading. She was one of the pioneer women who conquered the hardships and challenges of breaking into what was previously known as a man’s world. Through her perseverance and the kindness of good mentors in the railroad industry, Susie fulfilled her dream of becoming a freight and passenger engineer in the 1970s along the Northeast Corridor, one of America’s busiest sections of railroad.

Reverend Douglas Drown, lifelong railfan and rail history consultant, says An American Railroad Dream tells the remarkable and riveting story of one of America’s first female locomotive engineers—a story of tenacity, of courage, of humor, of hair-raising danger, and of candor and honesty. Susie Gaglia is an amazing person and has authored a book that is a must-read, especially for rail fans.

Domenic DJ Arlia, Engineer, CSX Baltimore Division, says, As children, we are in awe of the larger-than-life men who drive those massive freight trains and lightning fast passenger trains. Like astronauts or super heroes, they remain slightly mysterious, because we usually see only their profile and muscular arms as they give us a wave and a toot of the horn. So imagine the shock when the person behind the throttle of those magnificent beasts is really a petite young woman. Meet Susie, one of the first female engineers—and she’s got a story you’ve never heard.

from Haley's • Athol, Massachusetts 

ISBN 978-0-9967730-6-5 • paperback • 144 pp • $21.95

ISBN 978-0-9967730-9-6 • hardcover • 144 pp • $27.95